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Cost Segregation


Taxster’s Residential Cost Segregation study is a tax planning service that allows owners of residential real property to accelerate the depreciation allowable on their property. These planning services were previously only available to expensive commercial properties, but Taxster’s unique approach allows residential owners the ability to take advantage of this IRS approved strategy.

A Residential Cost Segregation study breaks down the different parts of your house, townhouse, condo, or multi-family property to depreciate them faster. Assets such as driveways, tile bathrooms, finished basements, and a swimming pool can all be evaluated for immediate tax savings. 

House with Pool

What are the Benefits?

  • Increased cash flow

  • Reduced taxable income

  • IRS approved methodology

  • Can be applied to short or long term rental properties (Airbnb & VRBO rentals)

  • Results are easily shared with your CPA or included in online tax preparation software

Why haven't I done this before?

  • Cost Segregation studies are complex and should be done by an accountant

  • Some accountants don’t fully understand what it is or have misconceptions about these studies

  • The tax code is thousands of pages and changes constantly

  • Traditional Cost Segregation services are too expensive for most residential properties

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